KhaliF: "You can't live without a dream." The leader of the hip-hop label "Delodilla Music" will debut on "Zvuk-M" with the track "Lighted a fire in me" on November 23

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KhaliF took part in a scheduled photo shoot and gave our correspondent an exclusive interview in which he spoke about life and plans for the future. We offer an adapted version of the interview to the attention of the readers of the Zvuk-M news feed.

Fans of the artist’s work will soon see new images and perhaps a new creative role for the singer. The release of the new track “Light a Fire in Me,” as well as the video clip for it, is scheduled for November 23 – for the first time on the Zvuk-M platforms – while KhaliF promises, together with subscribers, to choose the final photo for the cover of the new song.

KhaliF is the leading artist of the youth label "Delodilla Music", an artist with dozens of successful albums, compositions and videos, including "Datura", "Drown", "This is not for you" and many other singles. Views of his work on YouTube are in the tens of millions. The undoubted advantage of the singer is his ability to stand out among other performers of the genre - first of all, with a bright, unique timbre and depth of feelings and experiences transmitted to the listener.


“KhaliF (Arabic) is a name or title which means “successor”, “ruler” or “leader”. When I was choosing a pseudonym for my project, I chose this one, I liked it, and I decided that this pseudonym suits me. By the way, under this nickname I have already worked with the label “Zvuk-M”, in particular, with their team we released the compositions “Wounds” and “You are my dream”, both are millionaires on YouTube. So there is already a positive backlog.

It is impossible to live without a dream, then life becomes boring and monotonous, and in order not to drive yourself away, plans must be realizable and on the shoulder. My personal plans for the future are to please my audience with powerful tracks that are already in the process of completion, as for areas outside of creativity, I have always dreamed of my own home, I am moving in this direction, although not by leaps and bounds.

The desire to start from scratch has never left me, I’m sure every artist has this, but I know my goal and will realize it in my work. We all grow and change, we can also exhaust ourselves in terms of creativity, and this state of possible loss of inspiration is always present.


I have a positive attitude towards criticism, it is criticism that shows in which direction you are moving, but you should not confuse people who criticize with those who hate, here the experience of communication helps.

The success of an artist is most likely luck first, and then work on yourself. I can give two pieces of advice to those who are just starting their creative journey: first, never give up if you have a goal, and second, don’t lose your head when achieving achievements.

I sing and write exclusively author's tracks, this is important for me.

Most of all, of all my works, I can highlight the track “Drown” - it was born and recorded easily, on positive emotions, and then, of course, for the judgment of the listener, this is my subjective opinion as the author.

The next release is the single "Fire a Fire in Me". The text was written in one breath, and inspiration came spontaneously and unexpectedly. At the studio, the first line appeared in my head, I asked a friend to play along on the guitar, and this track was born. Track life, so to speak lived days. There were definitely problems with the arrangement, I see it in my own way, the sound engineer in his own way, and this did not allow us to agree on a single one, but, fortunately, we did everything at the highest level.

My clips are directed by one person - this is Timur Chekhov, a unique professional! I tell him about my mood, he catches my idea, and the director’s picture is first born in his head and later we get a clip.

Music, videos, concerts have become a part of my life and it seems that it has always been like this and will always be like that.

I want to wish myself and the readers of Zvuk-M great patience in everything and not give up in any undertakings.

Watch for announcements. subscribe to KhaliF's account, there will be a lot of interesting things in the near future. Official page in VK:, all songs of the artist here:

Official page on the website of the label “Delodilla Music” -

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