Kira Shine presented a video for the song "Love for an encore"!

PremieresKira Shine presented a video for the song "Love for an encore"!

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Kira Shine presented a video for the song "Love for an Encore", in which she appeared in an unexpected way ...

Instead of the usual burning beauty - a tired wife in a dressing gown and with curlers on her head, preoccupied with a mortgage and the worthlessness of her husband's worthlessness. Leave him and look for another, as a friend advises? Or appreciate what is, because it is your own, dear? The singer herself calls this video "a small movie about the life of a classic Russian family."
By the way, Kira and blogger Vitaly, who played the main male role, tried on two images in this video. The singer told about how the shooting took place in an interview:

— How was this project born? What inspired you?

“I wanted to do something close and understandable to everyone’s heart.” We met with the operator, discussed it, fantasized, and came up with a rough concept. Then the details “completed” themselves. I knew exactly who I wanted for the main role, and my friend Vitalik fit the role perfectly! We got on the phone, I told him the idea, and he happily agreed to come to Moscow for filming from Tomsk itself!
Before starting work, we discussed all the nuances together to make us comfortable in these roles, and voila!

Still from Kira Shine's video "Love for an encore"
Still from Kira Shine's video "Love for an encore"

— Was it also easy to find an actress for the role of your friend?

- In real life they are husband and wife - Vitaly and Masha Sidnikov. These are bloggers from Tomsk, with a very large audience. He has 5,5 million subscribers on TikTok, and Masha has almost 2 million. In the video, Vitalik plays the role of a forever-unworking husband, as well as a son. By the way, this image on TikTok brought him success, and the phrases with which he now answers his “mom” in videos have become popular: “What should I do? Okay, I’ll figure it out!” Masha in the video played a friend who always persuades her to leave such a husband and find a better one.

— In such a creative team, surely everyone contributed something of their own to the project? Who owns the plot idea?

“I wanted it to be funny and understandable.” And the main role was not the usual Kira, familiar to everyone, but a completely new heroine.
The first, main phrase came from the lips of cameraman Zhenya: “Married couple! The main problem of our society is the mortgage that needs to be paid” and then - a joint flight of fancy! The guys and I together added ideas and expanded the script.

Still from Kira Shine's video "Love for an encore"
Still from Kira Shine's video "Love for an encore"

— Where was the video filmed?

— We had several locations: on the banks of the Moscow River in Serebryany Bor and in a specially rented modest apartment.

— What do you remember about the shooting? There must have been a lot of funny incidents?

“I remember everything: how the crucian carp swam away from us, and how Vitalik threw the ice away into the frost with his bare hands, and how he couldn’t wash off the green stuff, and how he was afraid of the spider!” By the way, he was never able to take it in his hands; in the frame we see the hands of another person - the owner of the spider.
And how the guys got from Tomsk is a whole different story! First the flight was cancelled, then there were problems with luggage! A lot of things...

— But in the end everyone was satisfied with the result of the work?

— Yes, it turned out to be a small movie about the life of a classic Russian family. Something that concerns many and is familiar to most. Without unnecessary pathos and unattainable luxury: a mortgage, a wife in curlers, always scolding her husband, a child who is not given due attention, and, in fact, a husband who cannot find a job, but is always tipsy... I hope that This project will be a crowd pleaser! We tried very hard.

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