Many have already managed to watch Azamat Pheskhov’s new clip “Wait, my dear”.

Video posted 11 March on YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, is gaining popularity, becoming a real find for viewers who appreciate quality content, meaningful plot and good performance.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes there are a lot of details that may be of interest to all who follow the work of Azamat. In previous articles on this topic, we have already mentioned the role that Dinara Elgaytarova played in the success of filming, who not only acted as the main ideologue of the style of the project, but also put at our disposal backstage and photos from the set. Taking this opportunity, we once again express Dinara and her modeling agency “Fashion studio” in the city of Cherkessk sincere thanks on behalf of the editors and site visitors.

In addition, our readers asked us many questions, most of which, surprisingly, was devoted to the dog, which played a prominent role in the video.
Meeting the wishes of Azamat fans, we asked the director of the video, Rifat Bagaudin, to tell about the details of the shoots, which are so interesting to the viewer. Rifat not only met us, but also provided the editorial office with an exclusive video dedicated to one of the shooting days in January of this year.

Remember the scene by the fire? We wrote in one of the articleshow the fight with the dying bonfire was going on, and how the heroes of the clip froze. It happened on one of the hills near Cherkessk. And now, the tired film crew returns in the evening to the city ...

Now that the video is already on the big screen, we can declassify this video:

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Copying of the video is possible only with the permission of the copyright holder - BAVVI MEDIA PRODUCTION studio.

It is noticeable that the film crew, and Azamat himself, is delighted with the dog. Who is he, and where did he come from in the video?

“The dog’s name is Kira,” says Rifat, “smart, friendly, and understanding.” A real find for the director.

Kira is from the Husky breed, and she is only five months old. For filming, the dog was offered by Rifat’s longtime friend - Rinat Kamaledinov, co-owner of the Dance Center “BEAT STUDIO” in Cherkessk.

Rinat Kamaledinov and his dog Kira. Photo from personal archive. bboy_gnev_13
Rinat Kamaledinov and his dog Kira. Photo from personal archive. bboy_gnev_13


Surprisingly quickly, this incredible blue-eyed creation accepted the playing conditions in the video and clearly followed all the commands of the director. The crew, all in full, fell in love with Kira. Azamat also called her a real actress.

If you watched the clip, you probably noticed that at the very beginning, when the girl makes coffee, the dog is nearby, but does not suit the hero Azamat. And at the end of the video, when the reconciliation scene is being filmed, Kira behaves completely differently, rushing to Azamat. And it becomes quite obvious to the viewer that the dog has forgiven the young man, and with her the owner has done it. In general, Kira's game is irresistible, all the participants of the shooting agreed on this.

It is for certain known, for example, that in episodes with her participation I never had to shoot repeated doubles. And that says a lot. Even in the scene by the fire, when everyone was worried that the dog would refuse to be near the right time for the plot, everything went without a hitch.

In episodes with Kira, never had to shoot repeated doubles


Rifat is sure that nothing should distract the viewer from the main line in the video. No entourage, no clothes, no accessories. However, there are supporting characters around which the narrative is built, and which are emotionally related.

“I never set myself the task of impressing the viewer with expensive trinkets, ancient architectural ruins, fashionable gadgets and other things that are not directly related to the meaning of the video,” says Rifat. – We even covered up the logo on the computer so that it would not distract the viewer. But, for example, I took the choice of car quite seriously.

As conceived by the director, the car in the clip was supposed to be powerful and textured, and the heroine of the clip was fragile and airy. As a result, the choice of the car fell on the American SUV Jeep Wrangler, and the choice of the girl, as we know, on Aminda Murtazov. Dinara Elgaytarova was personally engaged in choosing clothes for Aminda, and as a result, the frame produced a successful and contrasting combination of power and softness, which Rifat wanted.

As conceived by the director, the car in the video was supposed to be powerful and textured, and the heroine of the video was fragile and airy.
As conceived by the director, the car in the video was supposed to be powerful and textured, and the heroine of the video was fragile and airy.


“Initially, I told everyone about my requirements for details,” says Rifat Bagaudin. – If the scenario is approved, then the situation is eliminated when a jeep is needed, but a jeep cannot be found, so let’s use a VAZ. No, if there is a jeep in the script, then there will be a jeep.

It is noteworthy that the car was found by the director with the help of the Off-Road Club of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic ANO “Club 4x4” in Cherkessk (“KCHR 4x4”). Rifat, taking this opportunity, expresses sincere gratitude to the owner of the jeep, Rustam Botashev, who responded to the request and provided the car for unlimited use during filming.

According to Rifat, special mention should be made of Marcel Tikov, who in fact is the co-author of the script. It was thanks to him that many of the ideas and details that formed the basis of the plot were born and implemented. The main specialization of Marcel is sound engineering, but this time he confidently proved himself as a successful screenwriter.

Considerable help to the whole team was provided by an experienced stylist Tom Gozheva. Thanks to her efforts, the characters of the video came out exactly as the director of the project imagined.

A number of scenes were filmed in Cherkessk, some episodes were on the road between Cherkessk and Dombai, and the video inside the house was in the cottage of the Adiyukh-Palace Hotel and Recreation Complex. The administration of the complex also provided the Jaguar car, which we see in one of the frames of the clip. The film crew asked the editors to thank, on their own behalf, not only the staff of the complex, but also Sanyat Bzhenakhov personally for their participation and invaluable assistance in creating the video.

Scenes inside the house were filmed in the cottage of the hotel and recreation complex “Adijuh-Palace”
Scenes inside the house were filmed in the cottage of the hotel and recreation complex “Adijuh-Palace”


Azamat Pheshkhov himself expresses gratitude and sincere personal gratitude to Arthur Khasanov for the footage he shot from above, Renat Pshmakhov (“Petrucho mucic”) for the excellent arrangement, as well as Elina Kuchmezova for the text and music.

“A lot of effort was put into creating the video, and at the same time, we all received great pleasure from the filming process itself, made many discoveries for ourselves and for the viewer, and grew professionally,” says Rifat Bagaudin. – I hope that people will like the video, but we will try to improve further.

For those who have not yet had time to watch Azamat Pheskhov's clip “Wait, darling”, we suggest doing it right here. But even for those who have already seen it, the read article may force you to do it again - already with knowledge of all the details about which we described above.

Photos are provided by Dinara Elgaytarova modeling agency “Fashion studio” (
Backstage video with Azamat Pheskhov by Rafat Bagaudin’s BAVVI MEDIA PRODUCTION company (