Fedos' video "Baluyu" has received over 500 views!

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Fascinating video titled "Balu" on a romantic composition Fedos, shot by the studio “LIFE production”, is rapidly gaining views, bringing the artist an increasing popularity. Now their number has already exceeded 500 000.

Did you know that initially the video was supposed to be shot according to a completely different scenario?.. But, as film directors say, “there comes a moment when the film begins to make itself.” The same thing happened with this video. What happened during preparation for work and how did it all end? We decided to find out this from the performer of the hit “Baluya” - Fedos.

Team video "Baluya" in between filming— Reveal the secret, why did you have to change the concept of the video?

— The fact is that the most difficult part of the preparation was the process of finding suitable locations. We couldn’t find the ones that were supposed to be in the script and had to completely change the whole idea. The director of the video, Georgy Matsukatov, did this literally 2 days before the start of filming. When we were preparing and rehearsing, it was, to be honest, very difficult for me. Nothing worked. Georgy was also nervous. But everything went smoothly and positively on the set, we worked fruitfully and everyone was happy with the result.

— Yes, judging by the growing views, everything turned out for the better. Tell us how it was for you to work with Victoria Odintsova?

— Filming with Vika is easy and fun. From the first day we met, we found a common language. She is a very open, cool girl, a professional in her field. We became friends and keep in touch to this day. There is no doubt that the success of the video is to some extent her merit.

Video clip "I’m pampering". Scene from the set
Video clip "I’m pampering". Scene from the set

— What are the other components of success, in your opinion?

— Firstly, coordinated team work. In general, it was the most pleasant thing - when about 15 people, and this is a fairly large number of people involved in the work, were fussing all the time, doing something, helping, fussing with me. I really liked and remembered this atmosphere, the aura itself, so to speak!

Secondly, it is pleasant that the goal that I set for myself initially - to show the quality level of myself as a performer, and the project, which was not equal in the Caucasus at that time, was achieved. I think I achieved what I wanted.

Video clip "I’m pampering". Scene from the set
Video clip "I’m pampering". Scene from the set

— So, more than 500 views is the expected result for you?

— I am very pleased with this result. Frankly, I didn’t expect it to be like this, but I always strived for it. I remember our work with pleasure; it was such a first experience that brought a lot. Now, looking back, I clearly realize that I would not change anything, everything was done correctly. The only thing is that I would probably change my image, because I like the way I look now more than then. Otherwise, everything was really cool and on the level!

— Thanks for the conversation, Fedos! And I remind our readers that you can watch the video “Pampering” on this page and on our YouTube channel.

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