The Hatti group presented the ethno-instrumental video "Gatkhe Jaegu"

The heartfelt composition “Gathe jagu” in the clip of the group “Hatti” captivates the hearts and gives the listeners a colorful atmosphere of national music in a modern performance.

The clip, shot by the company “One Light Studio”, shows the scene of the track recording, virtuoso mastery of musical instruments of the members of the musical group and their performance by Arsen Indarokov.

The author of the track plays the acoustic guitar and Iepepshhyne, Anzor Uvizhev plays the Adyghe wind instruments, Betal Ivanov plays the national accordion and Iepepshhyne, Arsen Khaptsev plays the bass guitar, and Kazbek Balkarov plays percussion.

The video instantly captured the hearts of lovers of ethnic instrumental music. You can also see the Gathe Jagu clip on YouTube channel "Zvuk-M". Join and write in the comments about your impressions!

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