As of April 2021, the 100 most popular Russian videos of the week on YouTube include 9 projects of famous artists "Zvuk-M"

Let's go through the list together and see which videos are most popular with viewers ...

It's nice to announce that the clip Sultan Laguchev Bitter Taste, which has received over 50000000 views, opens the list of the best!

Several clips at once Islam Itlyasheva included in the Top: "On the Nerves", which has gained more than 70 million views, the video for the song "She loved roses" (more than 000 million views), as well as their joint project with Sultan Laguchev - "Hooligan", the number of views of which exceeds 000.

Also, the clip has been kept in the hundred for a long time Rustam Nakhusheva "Gypsy" (over 18000000 views).

The video for Islam Itlyashev's song "Fly away" also does not lose its popularity. It now has over 16000000 views.

Art track Murat Thagalegova "I Get High with Her" has over 15000000 views.

Fresh clip EGO "Why are you so sad" is rapidly gaining views (now there are more than 5000000) and is also confidently keeping in the top hundred!

These are the results this week. You can always support your favorite artist with a like or comment. on youtube.

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