Larisa Gadzhieva & Ruslan Gasanov. "Two hearts"

Listen to the song “Two Hearts” | Larisa Gadzhieva & Ruslan Gasanov

Artist: Larisa Gadzhieva & Ruslan Gasanov

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Premieres of Caucasian music

Ashera. "Manila"

“Your lips are made of chocolate, your feelings are like fire and water.. What have I done - I burned you, turned you on...” ASHERA spoke about passionate love in a new sultry track - “Manila”

Magamed Khalilov. "Awara"

Magamed Khalilov presented a new single “Avara” filled with allegorical meaning. Author of words and music Elshan Makhmudov

Shamil Beshliev. "Loving Together"

“If my heart didn’t hurt, if tears wouldn’t roll from my eyes, I’ll take everything upon myself, let’s walk this path together, loving...” The emotional composition “Loving Together” was presented by singer Shamil Beshliev. The authors of the song are Kamran Bakirov and Jamil Turan

Ruslan Dobry. "I am looking for you"

“If you have to say goodbye, it’s not a problem at all, it means the next chapter is coming...” Performer Ruslan Dobry presented fans of the thoughtful song with the mesmerizing single “Looking for You”

Naili Imran. "That's it, goodbye"

“That’s it, goodbye, goodbye, I’m leaving - I don’t find myself with you anymore, I’ll survive the breakup, it doesn’t matter - arivederchi, dear ex, forever...” The singer presented the emotional single “That’s it, goodbye” about breaking up with her loved one Naili Imran

Shano. "Look Around"

“Look around - I don’t need this life - if you love, then forgive...” A new composition by Shano about unrequited feelings for the chosen one of the heart has been released - “Look Back”. Poet Shakhmurat Nokatov, composer Elshan Makhmudov

MAO. "Balam"

“If you don’t say goodbye, you can’t say to your face that it’s spring in your heart, you’re crazy about someone else’s hands - you’re pretending...” Filled with the drama and hopelessness of farewell, the melodic track “Balam” was released by singer Mao. The authors of the song are Kamran Bakirov and Mahmud Mamedov

Ruslan Malaev. "Get ready, leave"

“I didn’t know that this could happen, that people like you could betray, I thought for a long time that you were a saint, but how could I have made such a mistake...” Ruslan Malaev presented listeners with a new musical track - “Get ready to leave”