Magamet Dzybov "Parents' House" - premiere!

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New in the repertoire Magameta Dzybova - the artist presented the single "Parents' House"

“It will pinch my heart in my chest, remembering the pages from my childhood, where the parental house is by the river, where no one waited like that until dawn ...” - is sung in a new song by Magamet Dzybov.

A touching, heartfelt composition takes you to a time when life was carefree, and parents are always there. A kind song that fills with the light of memories of the dearest, the song was written for the artist Angelica Nacheva.

“The composition has everything: both words and soul. Let people say now. Enjoy listening to everyone! " - says the performer.

You can already listen to the single on the largest music services and on our website.

Listen and download Magamet Dzybov's song "Parents' House"


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