Magamet Dzybov

Name: Magamet Aslanovich Dzybov
Date of Birth: November 12 1981 city
Place of Birth: but. Khatazhukai (RA)
Education: Adyghe Republican College of Arts, im. U. Tkhabisimova
Start a music career: November 2010, XNUMX
Albums / singles: Circassian (album), Queen of Spades (album), Beloved Woman Have Sad Eyes (single), Trains (album), Dolalai (album), Share
thief ”(single),“ Ulyap ”(single),“ If only I knew ”(single),“ I’m with you
lucky "(single)," Lalebi "(single)

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Biography of Magamet Dzybov

Magamet Aslanovich Dzybov was born on November 12, 1981 in the village of Khatazhukai (Republic of Adygea). His creativity manifested itself in childhood. According to the artist, he inherited his love for music from his father - he was a virtuoso accordion player.

Talking about his studies at the Adyghe Republican College of Arts named after U. Tkhabisimov, the performer recalls with a smile that then he did not know a single note, but always played by ear. The teachers were sure that he was playing the notes, but in order to reproduce the melody he heard, it was enough for the boy to hear it just once in order to remember it.

Thus, before taking up vocal activity, Magamet was a musician - together with his brothers, he often performed on stage as an accordionist.

Everything changed in 2010, when Magamet first appeared on stage with the song "Khasbulat". His manner of performance and timbre of voice instantly fell in love with the audience and brought him immense popularity, and the composition "Khasbulat", to which the performer gave a new life, became a hit.

New songs, successful duets, frequent performances made the artist a star of the Caucasus. Festive feasts were not complete without his compositions. In 2013, almost every new song by Dzybov became a hit. Then he came out the first album "Circassian"

Magamet Dzybov - Queen of Spades

Anzhelika Nachesova, Magamet Dzybov - I'm jealous of you

According to the artist, he never felt excitement on stage. Perhaps when he first came out as a solo artist, but that quickly passed, and his confidence never left him again. The moments when the audience sings along with him, and this almost always happens at concerts, Dzybov calls the most valuable in his creative life.

In 2016, the artist, together with "Zvuk-M", released the 2nd album - "The Queen of Spades"... It includes 12 songs, including the hit "The Heart bleeds."

The third album of Magamed Dzybov is called "Trains". It was released in 2018, and the track list included 9 compositions, including a remix of the song “Khasbulat”, hits “Guitar”, “Roulette” and “Kiss the hands of mothers”, as well as the single that gave the album its name.

2019 was no less fruitful for Dzybov. The audience heard many new songs, among them:

Magamet Dzybov, Anna Bershadskaya - I'm lucky to have you

Magamet Dzybov - Lalebi

And in Maykop a big solo concert of the artist took place, the program of which was called "As is".

As for hobbies, it's no secret that the singer is very fond of horses and is fond of horse riding. He has his own stable, he constantly participates in races, receives awards. Magamet has loved these animals since early childhood. He says that he does not remember a single day that he would not devote at least a few hours to caring for them or driving. He talks to horses, experiences strong emotions during races. Friends know this and often give him various themed gifts: statuettes in the form of horses, paintings depicting horses, and so on.

In all matters: both in sports and in the work of Magamet, his family supports. Dzybov has two sons and a daughter, who also inherited a love of music.

The audience loves Magamet Dzybov for his honesty, for his soulful performance, for songs that touch hearts. And the artist reciprocates the fans of his work. He is actively working on the repertoire, presents new tracks and gives concerts.

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