The premiere of Magomed Alikperov's video "Happiness" took place

“Words about love are what can warm our hearts in the days of cold weather,” the popular artist believes Magomed Alikperov. That is why it gives the fans of their creativity a summer novelty - a song and a clip “Happiness”!

Listen and download the song "Happiness" Magomed Alikperov

The poet Igor Blotsky and the musician A-Sen wrote this composition. According to producer of Alikperov, Khan Ilyasov, the track has been waiting for its time for a long time ...

“The song was bought a long time ago, we all put off this project, waiting for the right moment. And this summer I wanted just something light and romantic. We consulted with Maga and decided to release Happiness. When they realized that it turned out great, they immediately decided that it was necessary to remove the clip! Therefore, the premiere was somewhat delayed, although now it’s warm and the sun will be just the thing for everyone, ”says Khan.

It was decided to shoot the video in St. Petersburg. They also found the leading lady. Magomed wrote the script for the clip himself. And although, in general, the shooting, according to him, was fun and easy, I still had to face some difficulties ...

“No wonder they say so much about St. Petersburg weather! She is completely unpredictable. We worked for three days, and all this time it rained every 5 minutes! We shoot the third clip there and every time we have trouble with cars - we just don’t have time to wash the car! As a result, they’re always dirty in the video! ”, The artist laughs.

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