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At the end of last summer, the sensational project "Seeds" was released - a video for the song by Angelica Nacheva and Sultan Hurricane, which has collected over 12 views on YouTube over the past 1500000 months.

The story about the ancestor of the inventor of sunflower oil - an enterprising professor who decided to demonstrate to the villagers the work of his ingenious apparatus called "Seed Blower 3000", engages the audience in the days of a carefree sunny childhood in the village: fun, dancing and sincere conversations over a bag of seeds ...

A funny story about a meeting of old friends and an unsuccessful experiment in which they took part was prescribed by Sultan Uragan and Artur Khasanov ("Petrucho film production"), and this scenario was embodied in locations well known to fans of the video "To the disco!" - on the Taman Peninsula.

Sultan Uragan
Sultan Uragan

"Seeds" is a song-memory of childhood and youth. She seems to say that time is running out, but some permanent things remain, unchanged. After all, seeds are such an allegory, an emotional attachment to the fact that we must preserve and transfer something through time. It is changing, but the seeds have always been, are and will always remain! ”, Sultan emphasized in one of his interviews.

Angelica Nachesova
Angelica Nachesova

“I really hope that this video will help viewers to plunge into their unforgettable past for a short time, remember their childhood and become happy at least for a moment! If this happens, then our goal will be achieved, ”said Angelica Nacheva on the day of the video premiere.

Now we can say with accuracy that the goal has really been achieved! Indeed, among those who saw this colorful, funny clip, no one was indifferent to it! And all the more pleasant to recall this project after some time.

So if you, too, suddenly miss the past summer or just want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of goodness, heat and sun, be sure to reconsider "Seeds" again! And do not forget to write in the comments about your impressions ...

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