Premiere by Dmitry Yurkov. "Mom, do not cry"

Famous author and performer Dmitry Yurkov released a warm, sincere composition called “Mommy, don’t cry”, which can be downloaded on all major music services, including: iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex.Music, and also in the BOOM application (for users of social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki).

Listen and download the song of Dmitry Yurkov "Mom, do not cry"

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How was the track born?

The song "Mom, do not cry" was written by Dmitry last fall. Having survived the loss of the closest person on earth, he decided to write a composition that would remind his listeners about how short and merciless the time is:

Dmitry Yurkov
Dmitry Yurkov

“Each son has his own story,” the performer comments, “but the main moral is to hurry, not to postpone for tomorrow what you can soon lose.
There is always a lack of either one day or several minutes ... This truth is as old as the world.
They say that a person dies twice: once on earth, another time - for good. For ever - this is when there is no longer a single person who would remember about you ... With this song I want to extend the life of my mother, and in her face all the other mothers on earth. After all, mom is the closest, dearest, most understandable, but at the same time, the most incomprehensible person in my life ... ”

Having decided to make a video for a new song, Dmitry decided to get away from any glamor and mock “cinema” beauty, showing instead the simplicity and warmth of family life for what it really is. To do this, together with the director Magomed Kumykov, they conceived to invite to shoot the artists of the Choir of the Old Cossack Song. But it was not there!..

Why didn't you even talk to the director?

The first part of the clip was successfully filmed in Nalchik, then the team planned to move towards the village of Kotlyarevskaya, which is located in the May district of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, in order to film everyday scenes with members of the Cossack collective. For this, the director called the head of the choir, who was the daughter of one of the soloists. But as soon as the manager heard the name of Dmitry Yurkov, she immediately refused to speak. After calling back a couple of times, in complete bewilderment at the fact that at the other end they are already angry and just hang up, Magomed decided to dial the number again ...

“It was a very funny story! - Dmitry recalls with a smile, - it turned out that we called on the first of April, on the day of jokes, and the nephew of the team leader is also called Dima Yurkov! And before that, he called them several times with his practical jokes, which pretty much got them. Tired of his jokes already, they decided that they want to deceive them again, so they refused to talk. As a result, after a little explanation, we finally figured it out, all laughed together, and they happily agreed to star in the video! ”

As Dmitry says, the actors coped with their roles perfectly. Firstly, they are artistic people, the camera does not scare them, and secondly, they simply “lived” these moments. After all, for them such scenes are a familiar life. This is exactly what filled Yurkov’s clip with sincerity, comfort, warmth and touching sadness.
Margarita Kosyachenko starred in the role of the mother, Vera Kozlova played her friend, Tamara Yelshin, the postman, and Alexander Moskalenko, the driver.

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