On the eve of the New Year holidays a famous performer Manvel Pashayan visited the office of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” to talk about the results of the joint work in the past year and outline plans for the upcoming 2019.

Our journalist met with the performer to find out what the artist is currently working on, what new items are waiting for listeners in the future and what is the secret of successful projects ...

- Manvel, among the most popular of your works you can separately note the song and clip "tearing the soul". Video from April 2017 of the year gained a huge amount of views, which is now approaching 50 000 000. We hope that your new projects will be no less successful and cash. Tell us what are you working on now?

- A new song was offered to me by rapper Eric Shane from the USA. After listening to all my songs and watching my videos, we decided on the phone to record a joint track. I also got acquainted with his work, noted that he often performs rap compositions with various Armenian singers and decided to try it. He wrote music, sent it to him, he liked it. Then the author Lusine Grigoryan created a text for us, and we started to work. The arrangement was made by the musician MG, who also lives in the USA. He made arrangements for many famous performers. And now we are at the filming stage of the video. I’ve been taking pictures for two days, and Eric for myself. Then at the installation all this will be collected in a full-fledged clip. The song is called Chka-Chka.

- What does the name mean?

- Literally, the chorus lines are translated as “There are no equal to you.” The song itself sounds in Armenian, and the rapper inserts are recorded in English.

- When is the video premiere expected?

- I think, around the beginning of the coming year: January-February.

- This is the first of the new projects, but I know that the second is on the way, tell us more about it, please.

“The next song will be called Don't Cry, Mom.” A video will also be shot on it. This is a very touching song, emotions are going wild!

- At what stage is this project?

- We are waiting for warm weather. It is necessary to take pictures of scenes that should be played on the street.

- Did you write the music for this song?

- Yes, my music, arranged by Arthur Gazaryan. Harut Tevosyan will shoot the clip.

- What are your other creative plans for the next year?

- I have a lot of new songs in work, we will do. After all, if a person stops, this is the beginning of his end. So in any field. If so you stopped, you are lost. Many musicians are very presumptuous, they will release one song and think "I am the king!" But time goes on, the public constantly needs to give something new. So I released "Tearing the Soul", scored millions of views. Further? Next is the next clip. People are now running around buying New Year's gifts, and I called it all, ordered it, decided, and I myself am on the set. It's already the fifth day here. First they shot in one studio in Pyatigorsk, then in another. We want it to be interesting, diverse, and of high quality.

- It is obvious to our viewers that the clip “Tearing Your Soul” is an extraordinary success. Not every video even gets a million, not just a few ... What is the secret of this video?

- It was such an idea, a strategy - to hurt a person’s feelings. That was exactly my idea. It was me who, when I suggested it to the author of the words Igor Blotsky, suggested a couple of lines, because the melody itself was a tearing soul. And I said that in the refrain should be: “My soul, you tear the soul. My heart, you break my heart ... ” He took these two lines as a basis and added the rest, saying "I write and understand that the girls will cry." This is a life story, people go through it and recognize themselves in a song. This is a good example of errors being fatal. Indeed, you cannot sit on two chairs, as they say. Because of one mistake, you can lose everything. I am often asked to remove the continuation of the clip, so that there is a happy ending. But the point was precisely that you can’t make mistakes if you love a person. Because the consequences are tough. But if I connected the heroes in a new video, they would ask me “why did he have to collect things? All this circus to arrange? Allegedly leaving ... ". Not! So he left, left her. For what? For betraying him. This is a vital moment. It touches and makes people think. I watched the statistics, how many countries watched the clip, this is an excellent result.

- The video “Tear rolled” is also rapidly gaining views ...

- Yes, already more than 12 million views. This suggests that people like to be witnesses of love dramas. Therefore, I try to sing about something close to life.

- Manvel, thanks for the conversation! So as the New Year approaches, your wishes to your readers, fans?

- I thank the fans for the fact that they are there, they are following my work. This inspires the creation of new songs and projects. Indeed, if there are no views, then there will be no desire to do anything. Thank you for enjoying my work. And I always try to surprise and delight the audience with something new every time. I wish you all the best in the New Year!

- Thanks! Well, in turn, we wish you good luck and creative success! So that interaction with the publishing house always takes place only on a high note!