Manvel Pashayan “Slowly losing you” - video premiere!

Premieres Manvel Pashayan “Slowly losing you” - video premiere!

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Manvel Pashayan's new video “Slowly losing you” has been released

Trio in the face Manvela Pashayana @ manvel.pashayan, poet Igor Blotsky and director Arut Tevosyan @haruttevosyan gave fans of the artist a lot of heart-breaking love stories. An exciting plot, beautiful actors and deep emotions - this is what makes the audience look forward to new songs and videos of the artist, and he, in turn, never disappoints her. So this time - Manvel Pashayan presented a video for the song “Slowly losing you,” in which a moving scene of a love triangle unfolds in front of us.

The scriptwriter and director Harut Tevosyan spoke in more detail about the clip

Harut Tevosyan
Harut Tevosyan

“The shooting took place in Pyatigorsk, for two days. We knew that the main responsibility in the game of actors will rest precisely with the performer of the main male role. Therefore, they made a careful selection. Since Manvel has already shot many talented actors from the cities of CMS, the limit here is already exhausted. Therefore, we invited one of the top actors in Armenia - David Mardyan. I have been in good relations with him for a long time, so it was easy to work - he already knew my taste and well understood what I needed.
As in work on past projects, we tried to create a quality product. The desire and goals to work on something new and interesting are always rewarded with success with the public. We hope that this video will appeal to everyone. ”

Listen and download Manvel Pashayan’s song “Slowly losing you”

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