The singer released a new song and a video called “The Tear Rolled”, in which many of his listeners learned their story ...

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After the release of the song "Soul breaking" fans began to “tear up” Manvel Pashayan, demanding the continuation of the spiritual story. Regular comments with requests from subscribers in social networks prompted the artist to release a new song in a similar vein ...

Manvel Pashayan
Manvel Pashayan

“The fact is that“ Tearing the Soul ”is a complete story. There is simply nothing to add there. But I realized that people want more touching songs about true love, vital, not fabulous. Then I created music for the future track, and then I contacted the author of the words Igor Blotsky via Skype and, singing a melody to him, told the idea. He was immediately imbued and after a short time wrote the soulful text of the future song. Arthur Ghazaryan made an excellent arrangement, and it's time to start shooting the video, ”says Manvel.

Video artist, without hesitation, decided to shoot with clipmaker Harut Tevosyan, who worked on the clips "Tearing the soul", "Roses, roses" и "All your eyes". The script was written as close as possible to the text of the song, and the appropriate locations were chosen in Kislovodsk and Novopyatigorsk.

“We prescribed a plot close to life and realized that we were not mistaken when after the release of the video a crazy rush began! Already in the first days, the views began to grow very actively, the number exceeded 2 000 000, and in the comments people wrote that “it’s impossible not to cry out”, “this story is about me” and so on. We hit the hearts of the people. Because similar situations, when lovers have to part under the pressure of parents, happen often. This is a touching love story, which is described in the song:

"So saying goodbye is very painful,
Let go of your palms.
But we can’t change the laws of fate ... ”, the performer comments.

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