Maryana Albotova - “Sakalarma Seni” (“I will wait for you”)

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How many sleepless nights women spend at all times waiting for their relatives and beloved defenders. How waiting minutes are and how happy the meetings are. The song “Saklarma Seni” (I will wait for you) is a promise song written by two mothers, who have more than once gone through these years of sleepless nights, waiting for their brothers and sons.

In this song, a young girl promises to wait for his beloved, to love and to believe against all odds.

Lyubov Bolurova (the author of the music) and Mediha Shamanova (the author of the words) wrote this song at the end of 80's and put all the love and care into it that, along with this song, they had to find their relatives and protect them from adversity. After all, everyone who waits, wants to protect his beloved, to protect, even from a distance, to save his expectation.

Mariana Albotova @mary_albotova, giving the song a new sound, retained the sensuality of difficult moments of farewell to the beloved, encouragement before a long separation and the dangerous way of a man, a defender of the motherland.

The song “Saklarma Seni” (“I will wait for you”) is already available in all digital storefronts.

Listen and download the song of Maryana Albotova - “Sakalarma Seni”

Lyrics by Mariana Albothova- "Saklarm Seni"

Ketese, ketese uzakyag, oh Dzhanym.
Barasa sen syly kulluku eterge.
Saklarma, Saklamrmeni mani, oh Nanim,
Sümekligimi ala bar sen Negerge.

Sakylagandyla anal balala
Sakylagandyla Hechle karnashlana,
Sakulagandy Suygenle Soldiers,
Byugun yes ashybyb saklaybyz biz alany.

Bileme, Bileme sen kulluk Eters,
Makhtau bla aytyryb askerde atingy.
Not kyyynlykd and Satmaz, oh Nanim,
Bayrakny katynda sen bergen anting.

Sakylagandyla anal balala
Sakylagandyla Hechle karnashlana,
Sakulagandy Suygenle Soldiers,
Byugun and Ashygyb Saklabyz Biz Alans

Turursa, tururus sen chekde, oh Janym,
Dzherde ailyanyrsa, ucharsa sen kekkde.
Qayda aylansang yes aytyr Oh, Nanim,
Here is sen and tengings of the Uniting Eskingde.

Sakylagandyla anal balala
Sakylagandyla Hechle karnashlana,
Sakulagandy Suygenle Soldiers,
Byugun and Ashygyb Saklabyz Biz Alans

"I'll wait for you"

You are leaving, you are leaving far, my soul ...
You are going to perform good deeds for the Motherland.
I'll wait for you, I'll wait
My dear.
You take my love as a friend with you.
Waited for the Mother of their sons,
Brothers sister waited soon
Waited for their favorite soldiers,
And today with impatience
We will wait for them!

I know, I know, you will serve in the service,
Yes, in the army to glorify your name.
And what would happen, no matter what,
You cannot sell your oath for anything!

Will you stand on the border,
Walking on the ground, but flying in the sky.
But wherever you are, friend, my dear!
Do not forget that I am always with you in my thoughts!

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