“Teddy Bear” - Baarni presents a new single and video

Premieres"Teddy bear" - Baarni presents a new single and video

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Meet new from Barni - a song about lost love "Teddy Bear", to words and music Anna Kalaycheva


“Unfortunately, not all feelings pass the test of strength. Sometimes, after a breakup, you have to look with regret at what you lost. And this composition is precisely about longing for the past. Let the track give you a couple of minutes of nostalgia and the desire to come up and hug a “witness to past dramas” - a soft toy once given to you by a person dear to you...” says the performer.

The single was released simultaneously with the video directed by Suren Arakalenyan. According to the plot, only regrets, memories and a teddy bear, a cute symbol of departed love, remained from the former romance. At a children's party, the hero of the video, dressed up in a bear costume, suddenly meets his former lover. Years have passed, and the wounds from once broken promises still bleed. But “Barney Bear” now looks at it only with a slight sadness and warmth in relation to “a strange, beautiful wife” ...

The clip is now available on YouTube. "Zvuk-M".

Listen and download Baarni's song "Teddy Bear"


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