"My dear" - a novelty from Artur Khalatov!

Premieres"My dear" - a novelty from Artur Khalatov!

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Arthur Khalatov presents a novelty - a song about family values ​​"My dear", written by the author of the words Arthur Kencheshaov and composer Arthur Besaev, and also - a clip for this track

Arthur Khalatov
Arthur Khalatov

“Popular music is now full of dirt: mate, Morgenstern and full song debauchery! People have not heard new compositions about real life values ​​for a long time: family idyll, home comfort. And I asked Artur Kencheshaov to write a kind, warm song about family, care and loyalty. We showed the same emotional picture in the video, ”says the performer.

The video was filmed in Vladikavkaz. Artur Khalatov himself directed:

“You will not see any drama this time, only happy smiles and tender mutual feelings, which were perfectly played by beloved Arsen and Elina.
The video was shot by young, promising guys - Robert Besaev and Artur Kundukhov. It was easy and pleasant to work, and we were all pleased with the result. I hope that the audience will also appreciate this project at its true worth. "

Listen and download Artur Khalatov's song "My native"


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