Murat Thagalegov: “I can’t sing to a phonogram and I can’t even ...”

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Today Murat Thagalegovu marks 34 of the year.

Today, one of the most popular Caucasian performers - Murat Thagalegova marks 34 of the year! To this date, the artist came up with a big list of hits, huge popularity and ever-growing audience love, which he gained not only in the Caucasus, but also far beyond its borders. To congratulate Murat on his birthday, and also to find out what the singer is working on now, our journalist met him in Cherkessk ...

- Murat, on behalf of the company "Zvuk-M" and all our listeners, I congratulate you on the holiday! I wish you personal happiness and new creative successes!

- Thanks a lot!

- Your fans are eagerly awaiting new music from you. Tell us what projects are in progress today?

- First of all, I'm currently busy working on a new album. I think it will be ready by the end of the summer. Nobody has heard these songs yet, about 18 tracks will be included there. There are several lyrical compositions among them, but basically all the songs will be dance songs.

Firstly, this genre is more for me, I think, secondly, in the world now, and so a lot of problems, everyone’s head is already bursting. It would be desirable, that all could have fun, unwind, even for a while to forget about their worries.

- Great! Who is helping you to create your new album?

- The authors with whom I have been cooperating for a long time, with whom we have released more than one hit, are Asya Sanashokova and Amirina. Several arrangers, among them - Alibek Gigiev, who at one time worked on the song "Soul of a Bandit".

- You said you are doing the album first. In the second, I suppose, with concerts?

- Exactly. This summer we will have about 50 solo concert performances. I started in early June from the Astrakhan region. Then there was the Republic of Bashkiria, Tatarstan and further down the list. And closer to winter I plan to arrange concerts in the Moscow and Samara regions. They are also looking forward to me there. All the posters, streamers are already ready ...

- Is it easy to work with such a busy concert schedule?

- It's always pleasant to work! But since I have a two-hour program, and I sing live, there are problems. For example, the voice disappears and then you have to postpone the performance. The fact is that I can't sing to a phonogram, and I can't even be able to. And people in general often ask to perform something without a microphone, a capella. Therefore, singing 20 songs or more every day is a big strain on the throat. Especially in winter.

- How do you restore your voice?

- What methods have I not tried! But in the end, I still stopped at folk remedies. Anyone who has not gone through this probably will not believe it, I myself did not believe until the very last that it helped. But if, for example, you drink a raw egg without yolk, then the very next day, your throat is on the mend. Honey helps a lot too.

- So we learned the professional secrets firsthand! Murat, in the end, please tell us about further strategic plans of cooperation with the music publishing house "Zvuk-M". As far as I know, you had a meeting with the head of the company today?

- Yes. Mikhail Yugov is the person who has helped, not only me, but also many Caucasian and non-Caucasian performers, helps, and, I hope, will continue to help in promoting our creativity. He is not just a broad-minded person, but also a great professional - he has been in this field for so many years! We have outlined plans today for further work, we will soon release a new album and, I hope, we still have many significant joint projects ahead!

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