Murat Thagalegov

Name: Tkhagalegov Murat Anatolevich
Date of Birth: July 30 1984 city
Place of Birth: Nartkala
Education: secondary special
Start a music career: November 2009, XNUMX
Albums: single “To the Disco”, single “Kalym”, album “I Forget You”
M. Thagalegov: “Music is life for me”.

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Biography of Murat Tkhagalegov

Murat Thagalegov first appeared on the Caucasian stage in 2009, and after 2 years the whole country knew him as the performer of the hit “Kalym”, and then of the mega-popular track “To the Disco!” Where did it all start?

Tkhagalegov Murat Anatolyevich was born on July 30, 1984 in the city of Nartkala of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. He grew up in a large and close-knit family, in which at that time they did not even suspect that one day he would become a star of the Caucasian stage ...
After graduating from school, Murat got a job at a concrete plant. But the soul asked otherwise, and after work, the future artist began to visit a music studio, where he could give free rein to his developing singing talent, making full use of his creative potential.

Thus, in 2009, when he first appeared on stage, Murat just managed to ride the wave of emerging demand for music of the Caucasian format. And, after the artist, who performed compositions of different genres, released the single “Kalym” in 2011 - a song with character that reflects the flavor of a Caucasian wedding, it becomes mega-popular not only in the Caucasus, but throughout Russia. At that time, not a single national wedding was complete without this composition, and it was often played at Russian weddings throughout the country. Murat managed to make a meteoric rise and become one of the most sought-after Caucasian artists.

After that, the artist's new songs instantly became hits. Among them: "Dark Night", "Heart", "Casanova" and others:

Murat Thagalegov - He will steal and call

Murat Thagalegov - Unfaithful

Murat Thagalegov, Liliya Shaulukhova - And the heart stops

In 2013, there was another creative takeoff - the song “To the Disco!” was released. - a duet of Murat Thagalegov with Sultan Khazhiroko, as well as a video for it, in the filming of which other Caucasian pop stars took part. The video, the plot of which takes viewers back to the good old days, instantly becomes popular on YouTube, the number of views is still growing every day, and the composition becomes a mega-hit in the country and is often heard in television programs on federal channels.

In 2015, Murat Tkhagalegov released the album "I Forget You", which included all the hits, as well as new songs, in 25 compositions.

The artist continues to work actively: to tour and release new tracks. Among the novelties of 2018, it stands out especially composition "Why":

In the same year, the performer released two mini-albums: "Freak" и "Incorrect".

And in 2019, together with Sultan Khazhiroko, they will present the second duet song - "Call" and a bright clip on it.

Murat is actively touring Russia and abroad and especially notes that everywhere he is received very warmly and sincerely. He, in his time, gives fans new soulful compositions. For instance, one of the brightest novelties of 2020 was the song "You are gone"

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