Murat Thagalegov

Name: Tkhagalegov Murat Anatolevich
Date of Birth: July 30 1984 city
Place of Birth: Nartkala
Education: secondary special
Start a music career: November 2009, XNUMX
Albums: single “To the disco”, single “Kalym”, album “I forget you”
M. Thagalegov: “Music is life for me”.

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Murat Thagalegov. "You left"

Murat Thagalegov “You are gone” - new!

“The city lights bright lights, the lights flicker that night ... Time is running out, and the soul hurts, and no one can help the mine.” Murat Thagalegov introduced a new song - "You are gone." Author and composer Zamirat Zhaboeva.