A song in Karachai "Syuyme deis" was released

Popular Caucasian artist Mussa Aybazov @mussa__aybazov introduced a new composition in Karachai - "Syuyme deis" ("You say" I love "). The author of the song is Boris Erkenov.

Mussa Aybazov
Mussa Aybazov

“My emotions overwhelm me when I sing this song! - says Moussa, - she is about people who can not decide in life in any way with their choice. Who do not let go, but at the same time do not let them get close, they play on other people's feelings, like a musician on an upset instrument, where the notes do not sound right.
One evening, the author of words and music, Boris Erkenov, sent me a fragment of this composition. As soon as I heard her, the decision was unequivocal - she should be mine. I fell in love with her from the very first seconds. After all, here is an atypical love story, about non-reciprocity, about a broken heart, or about happiness from this very love. Here the story is unusual, but it often happens to people in our time, when due to over-attention to their person, some are constantly in search of something better, thinking: “since he’s ready for everything for me, he tolerates my behavior, in any case, it’s not going anywhere, but for now I’ll look for a better option. But if I don’t find it, so be it, I’ll be with him, then such a fate. ” The author perfectly picked up the words for this music, and the arrangement of Nuradin Satyrov completely revealed its essence, and the song sounded the way it should sound.
On the day of the premiere, I would like to give my audience one piece of advice - if at some point you understand that someone cannot decide on you, and you are far from the only person in her life whom she gives a chance, but only one of the “leaders” of this extensive list of her admirers, then tear all the bridges. Such a person will never make you happy; he will always be in search of something or someone better. I wish you to be only the only person in the life of your soul mate! ”

Listen and download Mussa Aybazov’s song “Syueme deisse”

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