The Italian team Alban Fùam does not yet have its own page on Wikipedia, but is a fairly successful project, having managed in several years to achieve strong recognition among fans of Celtic music.

The group's work describes Ireland, performing exciting Irish and Celtic songs, skillfully remodeled with a fairly modern taste and charm. Alban Fùam's compositions are a melting pot in which folk, country, jazz and Celtic musical turns and traditions turn into a single whole, as a result of which the listener receives melodies with frantic virtuoso violins and nostalgic Irish ballads.

The 2015 Whiskey 'n Beer official album was added to the Dublin-based Irish Traditional Music Archive as the “most relevant compilation of Irish / Celtic music, and in August 2015, the guys became the first in the Celtic Montelago Contest” , which is one of the most popular Celtic festivals in Europe.

Let's watch one video from the official channel of the team. For those who like to be heard and seen, there is band website with releases and performance programs.

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