Musical novelty from Nikolay Turchenkov - "Blizzard"

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A new song by Nikolai Turchenkov has been released - "Blizzard"

Artist: Nikolay Turchenkov
Title: "Blizzard"

Listen and download the song "Blizzard" by Nikolay Turchenkov


Lyrics of Nikolay Turchenkov's song "Blizzard"

Recklessly drunk
Blizzard accursed
With howls, yes whistles,
Everything out the window is frantic
What does she want here,
Drunk, in a wedding dress,
Either to tell something,
Either, just pat

Winter storm,
In a white wedding dress
We are not a match for each other
Enough for fun!

But, restless,
Like a wound
Everything around, and about,
Between willow and poplar
Stop singing, friend
I won't go out anyway,
Do you hear?
At least knock, at least howl
Even sweep it all the way up

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