The music publishing house "Zvuk-M" summed up the results of 2022 and talked about plans for further development

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It's been a tough year, but we got through it. Leading Zvuk-M specialists, headed by the company's CEO Mikhail Yugov, spoke about the results of the past year and the publishing house's plans for the future, and also congratulated all those involved on the New Year

Mikhail Yugov, General Director of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M"

Yugov Mikhail Yurievich, General Director of LLC "Musical Publishing House" Sound-M "“One of the biggest challenges in 2022 was to build the right kind of promotional content work—work that will help promote our music, our artists on music showcases, social media, and more. This task has been partly accomplished, but much remains to be done next year.

In 2022, we had many tracks that were in the top of various showcases, despite the fact that Western partners, such as iTunes, Spotify, actually left the market. Although the sites themselves seem to be present in the media space, no promotion works on them, which makes them useless for the Russian consumer.

A separate mention is the YouTube platform, where video monetization has been completely stopped. This has deprived Russian media companies from one-fourth to one-half of all revenues. Not only the label companies, but also the artists themselves. Before the sanctions, the income from video clip views on YouTube was calculated based on (approximately) 50-60 rubles per thousand views. In 2022, we have performers with 100-200 million non-monetizable views, which is five to six million rubles of lost profits for each such performer.

Therefore, now we see the point of further promotion on Russian sites, such as Yandex, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, SberZvuk. In 2022, the publishing house released about a thousand new projects. Under the conditions of sanctions and the accompanying evolution of the business, the latter was segmented: previously separated into a separate label, Kavkaz Music has now acquired playlists of its own theme, successfully found its niche in the ethnic music market; the creation and promotion of the label "DeloDilla Music" (youth hip-hop) also proved to be a commercially successful decision.

The publishing house also actively cooperates with major Russian media players: the partnership with the Krutoy Media radio holding continues and expands, songs from the Zvuk-M catalog are increasingly heard on the air of federal-level radio stations, we have cooperation with all interested parties on offline events and concert activities. We worked very well with Radio Chanson in 2022, more than ever many of our Caucasian artists took part in various major shows: “Ehh, Razgulay!”, the Slavic Bazaar festival, New Song of the Year and other significant events, mass and broadcast on federal channels. More than fifty of our artists visited the programs of Andrey Malakhov in the past year, showed themselves, fell in love with deep Russia. This is extremely important for two reasons: firstly, in this way we contribute to the rallying of Russia, and secondly, we solve the problems of promoting our products in the new reality. The main task of 2022 - not to drown and survive, was solved with the help of these measures. We have not only survived, but are also successfully developing together with our Russian sites. Although we estimate the total losses due to restrictions at about 50-55% compared to last year.

I want to note that users in Russia are also restructuring: music sales are actively growing on Yandex, VK, and Sberbank. And we are confident that growth will continue. There will be no vacuum in the market. For example, a significant number of Spotify users switched to Yandex.Music and did not experience any inconvenience.

In 2021, we introduced, and in 2022 we developed a new division in the company - the Media Projects Department. It was under his auspices that the truly successful concert activity of our artists began: these are Islam Itlyashev, Sultan Laguchev with tours in Russia and Belarus, this is the duet of Islam Malsuygenov and Zulfiya Chotchaeva with concerts in Moscow and in the east of the country. Victoria Voropay headed the work of the new division. Such activities will be expanded and financed by the publisher.

In 2023, we will continue to move forward, we have already launched a new label "Dynamics" (alternative music), in the near future we plan to separate Azerbaijani music into a separate direction (the working name of the label is "Birinci Music"). I want to assure our artists that all projects already started in 2022 will definitely be continued. Among the priorities is the expansion of work with video hosting RuTube, radio stations "Radio Dacha", "Radio Shanson", "Russian Hit", "Vostok FM", "Taxi FM" and others. Our artists should become as popular, recognizable and marketable as possible.

Of particular importance today in terms of strengthening interethnic ties, cementing the Russian people is the Kavkaz Music project. Label manager Dmitry Kondratiev will tell you more about him.

Dmitry Kondratiev, label manager of Kavkaz Music

Dmitry Kondratiev, label manager of Kavkaz Music“The label itself initially consisted of one video channel and social media accounts that covered such areas of music as Circassian, Karachay-Balkar, Ossetian, as well as Abaza and Nogai. In 2022, the Chechen direction began to develop very actively, we allocated a separate channel for it, separate SMM managers, separate studio and personnel facilities. In just a year as a whole, we have grown not only with Chechen, but also with Dagestan cultural layers, including Lezgi, and we did it very successfully, given that it was a year. The publishing house has established systematic work on the digitalization of musical products of all nationalities, their active promotion on the market, including through the creation of thematic playlists, their advertising on the Internet. Since 2022, the company has been operating a school of targetologists, graduating specialists in the promotion of national music. Labels of Armenian and Azerbaijani music exist and develop separately, and authors and performers flock to the publishing house literally from all over Russia. And here they are not separated by any borders, music brings everyone together. To protect the rights of artists and authors of the label, the official trademark Kavkaz Music was registered in 2022 TM

In general, "Kavkaz Music" is primarily about culture, about the development of national culture, about the preservation of national traditions. We are talking about things outside of time, touching on the deep Caucasian culture, so we will survive all crises. In addition to new products, we also release old compositions, talk about them, remember the authors, the first performers of these masterpieces. In 2023, we want to launch projects of Caucasian fairy tales, Caucasian traditions and customs, about dances, about cuisine. The Wedding project is almost ready to be launched, in which we will tell and show Caucasian weddings, delve into the subtleties, tell our viewers, citizens of our great country, about them. Abroad, too, let them look, envy, we do not mind.

I invite all readers of the Zvuk-M blog to visit "Kavkaz Music" listen to beautiful music, forget about worries and anxieties. Be happy in the New Year, may your family be healthy!”

Artur Egazarov, chief music editor of Zvuk-M

Artur Egazarov, chief music editor of Zvuk-M“2022 was a difficult year for the entire industry and for our company. Despite this, the publishing house did not slow down and released more than 1000 releases - 18% more than last year. The geography has expanded - we have worked very actively in the past year with authors and performers from Kazakhstan. The number of Dagestan artists has increased, and Chechen performers have shown themselves very actively. In almost all areas, I note an increase in the number of potential stars; We have started several promising projects, and so far the response from listeners and the market has been positive and encouraging. It’s too early to reveal names, but I can promise: 2023 will give us many new bright names in music. And these will be the names of the Caucasus region. Some artists will try a new genre, it is possible that some will change pairs in a duet. Well, the trend of re-interpreting old tracks in new versions has not gone away yet. In general, now is the time for experimentation and daring, which is good news. We are also planning to surprise people with a new music label “Dynamics” in 2023, which has already been mentioned above. The format of modern diverse pop music, which is cramped within the framework of the classics “Zvuk-M”, will come under his wing. In any case, it will be interesting, I promise.

In addition to success in the music field, the publishing house has successfully tried itself in the field of video production by launching the Oktava project. Director General Jamal Daguzhiev will tell about this project in more detail. I wish everyone peace and goodness in the new year, don’t get sick, listen to good music with Zvuk-M!”

Jamal Daguzhiev, General Director of Oktava LLC

Jamal Daguzhiev, General Director of Oktava LLC“The production was founded at the end of 2020. And, starting with the video “Sky” by Islam Malsuigenov and Zulfiya Chotchaeva, released on December 7, 2020, the company is developing rapidly, and already in 2021 two videos are included in the TOP YOUTUBE RUSSIA 2021: the video by Sultan Laguchev - “Bitter Taste” is in first place , the video by Sultan Laguchev and Islam Itlyashev “Hooligan” is in fifth place on the same list. The clips of our production (Laguchev - “Hot Rattler”, Laguchev - “Fashionable”, Nakhushev - “Rain”) fall into trends, gain millions of views and are played on TV channels.

The year 2022 was difficult, expensive in every sense of the word, but also unusually fruitful. The production increased its presence in the audiovisual services market of the Caucasus, more than 160 video clips were shot (an increase of 100% year on year). It was possible to begin the process of uniting previously disparate teams of various directors, cameramen and other film people into one powerful, if you want we can call it a union - into one association of video specialists and experts. Our goal is to generate 100% of video content created in the Caucasus; the beginning of this process has already been made.

I wish all readers health and a peaceful sky over their heads, happiness and good luck in the new year!”

Anzhela Tesieva, editor-in-chief of the TV channel "Music of the South TV"

Anzhela Tesieva, editor-in-chief of the TV channel "Music of the South TV"«The audience of Caucasian music is growing every year, the demand for relevant content is growing not only in Russia, but also in other countries, despite the well-known prohibitive measures.

“Music of the South TV” is a 24-hour music and entertainment channel with selected colorful pop hits for lovers of bright emotions, fiery dances and soulful songs.

In 2023, the TV channel should operate at full capacity, the intended audience is up to 20 million people in Russia. All regions of the country will be included in the broadcasting grid to the maximum, starting with the South, of course, with the involvement of operators from both the local and federal levels.

On behalf of the entire staff of the TV channel, we wish our listeners bright emotions, incendiary dances to the music of the South! And of course good health for this and other good deeds».

Victoria Voropay, Head of the Media Projects Department of the Musical Publishing House "Zvuk-M"

Victoria Voropai
Victoria Voropai

Since the beginning of 2022, a close-knit team of specialists has been successfully working, which managed to show interest in the work and excellent results in the shortest possible time. For a number of artists, the company has developed and implemented stage images that correspond to the creative mood and are understandable to the target audience, as evidenced by a multiple increase in active subscribers.

Over the past year, we have held creative photo shoots of performers, including with popular Moscow photographers. Developed and implemented content plans for artists' social networks, taking into account all the subtleties of each project.

The promotion of music releases has been intensified. An analysis of the dynamics of promotion is carried out monthly with subsequent adjustments for further development. More than ten live radio broadcasts were held, including live radio concerts on popular Russian radio channels (Vostok FM, Radio Shanson, Novoe Radio, Avtoradio), rotation of tracks by Zvuk-M artists on leading radio stations, participation in gala concerts filmed by federal channels.

Through the efforts of the leadership of the Zvuk-M publishing house, a lot of fruitful work has been done to increase the presence and participation of our artists in popular musical television projects. All significant information events of 2022 were worked out and successfully implemented in the media space, conditions were developed for the tours of artists (riders). With the participation of Zvuk-M, the leading concert distributors of the country held a number of events in Russia and Belarus.

The Media Projects Department held working meetings and reached agreements on further cooperation between Zvuk-M and the leading music channels: RU.TV, Muz-TV, Music of the First, Shanson TV and the media holding Krutoy Media.

Our future plans include expanding the pool of artists with whom the department works, attracting highly qualified specialists to achieve maximum results. Involving our artists in special projects, participation in popular music concerts, as well as television and radio programs. Rotations of Caucasian performers are provided for on leading radio stations in Russia and in various iconic projects of radio holdings, as well as organization and support of concert tours with subsequent popularization of artists.

The purpose of the department is the creation and development of the artist’s brand with mandatory constant support. Any brand or product fulfills a certain need: music primarily works with psychological needs. The song, the video, the name and image of the artist - everything should be unified and recognizable. An artist’s success is a sign of the quality of our department’s work.

The outgoing year leaves behind completed projects, new experience, new acquaintances and cooperation.

The New Year is not just the beginning of a new calendar, it is new hopes, successes, victories. We look to the future with confidence and we have every reason to be optimistic - clear and specific plans for creative development, real opportunities for their implementation! May good luck and good mood be your constant companions in the New Year, may the joy of fulfilled hopes and desires never leave you. Let there be prosperity in the house, and peace and love in the family. We wish you good health, happiness and prosperity!

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