Music premieres

Azamat Pheshkhov. "You are my sun"

Azamat Pheshkhov found the embodiment of all his desires in a new love song - "You are my sun". Poet and composer Azamat Bidzhiev

Gosha Grachevsky. "Home"

Gosha Grachevsky sang about the difficult road and fate in the new single "Home". Words and music by Shamil Magomedov

Renat Omarov. "Bala-Bala Girl"

An energetic dance novelty about mutual love in the style of pop music was presented by Renat Omarov

Shamil Kasheshov. "Oh come on"

"Oh, come on!" Shamil Kasheshov presented a new dance composition about love in the genre of Caucasian music. Words by Shamil Kasheshov and Rustam Nakhushev

Zarina Bugaeva. "I'm not simple"

Complex girls are also capable of true love, feelings and fire. Zarina Bugaeva presented a novelty - the track "I'm not simple". Words and music by Inna Babaeva

Amina Magomedova. "My Mania"

Sometimes relationships are like a one-way street. Amina Magomedova presented a new dance composition about love

Irina Krug. "Day Angel"

"Angel's Day is such one, it's the best for no reason..." Irina Krug presented a new single - "Angel's Day"

Ruslan Shanov. "Give"

The song-appeal to his beloved girl was presented by Ruslan Shanov. Words and music by Kirsan Dubaev

Azamat Tsavkilov. "Simple Love"

Azamat Tsavkilov turns dreams into reality in a new composition - "Simple Love"

Larianna. "No Way Back"

"You speak beautiful words to me, I will never forget you, after all ..." The whole world is closed on one person and the way back is cut off. Larianna presents a new song "No way back"

Artur Khalatov. "Jealous"

Meet the new hit of dance music from Artur Khalatov - the single "Jealous"! Poet and composer Artur Besaev

Rustam Nakhushev. "Letter"

A new single in the genre of Caucasian music about parting with love - "Letter", was presented by singer Rustam Nakhushev. Words and music by Khasan Musaev

Alex Filatov. "Fly with Me"

"Let's get to the stars and touch them with our hands..." Alex Filatov presented a song about love - "Fly with me"

Alexander Krug. "Your whim"

A melodic composition about the romance of fleeting love in the chanson genre was presented by Alexander Krug. Poet and composer Leonid Teleshev

Ruslan Malaev. "You are not a wolf"

Ruslan Malaev sang about the mirages of love in the new composition "You are not a she-wolf". Poet and composer Artur Kencheshaov

Damir Guagov. "Are you goodbye"

Damir Guagov says a resolute "stop" of love in the new track - "And you farewell." Words and music by Shamil Kasheshov