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Azamat Pheshkhov "Oh, rose, rose" - new!

An energetic, whole and full of poetic allusions song entitled "Oh, rose, rose" was presented today by the famous Caucasian performer Azamat Pheshkhov.

Aydamir Eldarov presented the lyric single "My Woman"

The fans of Aidamir Eldarov @aidamir_eldarov have been waiting for the release of the composition "My Woman" to the words and music of Zumrud Musieva for about a year. And today a beautiful song-recognition in ...

Ruslan Kaytmesov presented the song "Children"

Popular singer Ruslan Kaytmesov dedicated his new song to his son and two daughters, and in their person - to all children on Earth. The author of words and music is Marina Natkho.

Premiere of the single and video clip of EGO "Don't be silent"!

A new author's song EGO has been released! "Wait for me, swear with your heart: to be with me ..., come back to me .." The premiere of the single and video clip of EGO "Don't be silent"

New single by Kristina Yesayan released - "Night"

Christina Yesayan presented her fans with a new author's song - "Night"

Tina Korn "Erase Me" - the new single of the singer!

I think, you know, I'm tired of what suddenly happened to us ... Fatigue is beating under the skin, I stopped loving you ... Tina Korn presented the author's song "Erase Me" about a break in relations and a strong personality who was able to cope with this break.

The number of subscribers of the channel "Caucasian music -" Sound-M "is rapidly increasing every day!

Today YouTube channel of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” is one of the fastest growing and high-quality video platforms in Southern Russia, providing users of the whole world with the opportunity to enjoy music of various styles and trends, most of which are the repertoire of Caucasian showbiz stars.

The channel opened in the 2011 year, but began to work and develop only in the 2014, having connected to the partner company of a major European aggregator, which guarantees copyright protection and gives the opportunity to work with professionals working with world stars.

The YouTube channel of the sound publishing house “Zvuk-M” is one of the fastest growing and high-quality video sites in the South of Russia
The YouTube channel of the sound publishing house “Zvuk-M” is one of the fastest growing and high-quality video sites in the South of Russia

In 2014, the number of subscribers of the Caucasian Music - Sound-M channel numbered 1 800 people. But the fruitful daily work over the next three years allowed us to increase this figure in a natural way to 50 000!

The repertoire of our channel is very diverse. Here you can see how the hits of past years: "At the disco!" (Sultan - Hurricane and Murat Tkhagalegov), “I Go Intoxicated” (Azamat Bishtov), ​​“I Am Jealous of You” (Angelica Nachesova and Magamet Dzybov), as well as modern pop hits: “I Pamper” (FEDOS), “I Love You” ( Zarina Bugaeva and Ruslana Sobieva). In addition, more than 30 concerts of such stars as Murat Tkhagalegov, Angelika Nachesova, Aydamir Mugu, Azamat Bishtov, Lilia Shaulukhova, Aslan Tlebzu, Arthur Khalatov, Alexander Gum and others are presented here.

Many premieres of the first magnitude clips of Caucasian stars are held by us. For example, recently published new from Angelica Nacheva - “Stolen Happiness”.

Our Youtube channel is actively friends and collaborates with such stars as: Edo Barnaul, Tural everest, Aram karapetyan, Artur mazzakyan, Gilany Stadnik, production centers: "BRAND" and "Gold Star", video studios “One Light Studio”, “LIFE Production”, “Petrucho Studio” and many others.

The list of channel sections is constantly updated, and the number of artists offering us their products is steadily growing. In many ways, thanks to the channel “Zvuk-M”, new talented performers are finding us, to whom we try to give maximum attention and support!

The company's achievements are the result of hard work and quality work. And we want to express our deep gratitude to each of our subscribers for their dedication! We really value our audience and every day we try to make our content as interesting as possible for you. Thank you for being with us!

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