The YouTube channel of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" celebrated its 10th anniversary with a million subscribers

Since its inception, the channel has collected almost 600000000 views, and today it also celebrates its first million subscribers!

The channel has uploaded 2183 videos, which for the convenience of users are published in playlists... The latest news, collections of popular tracks, thematic video albums, concert performances by artists of the publishing house and much more delight subscribers around the world every day.

It was interesting for us to get to know our audience, and thanks to analytical analysis, we found out that most of all we are watched in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Georgia. And the most active viewers of the channel are men and women from 18 to 44 years old.

But what are their preferences? By the number of views on publications, we have identified the Top 10 most popular videos of all this time. We suggest going through the list together and remembering your favorite hits!

Leading clip Islam Itlyashev "She loved roses"... This video has over 40000000 views today.

In second place is the sensational track Sultana Laguchev "Bitter taste"... The video has 20000000 views.

Clip Rustam Nakhushev "Tsyganochka" on the third place. Number of views - 15800000.

The fourth place in the video for lyric composition "You tear your soul apart" by Manvel Pashayan, 15000000 views.

"He will steal and call" by Murat Tkhagalegov does not lose its relevance for many years.

Video Azamat Bishtov on the hit "I'm Going Intoxic" on the sixth line, 12000000 views.

In seventh position - "Unfaithful" Murat Tkhagalegova... 11000000 views.

The eighth line is also occupied by the clip Murata Tkhagalegova - "I get high with her"

"Bitter Tea" by Azamat Bishtovwith 10500000 views, in ninth position.

Top duet closes Murat Tkhagalegova and Lilia Shaulukhova "And the heart of the feet"... He has 8500000 views.

We want to thank all our viewers and subscribers for being with us! For your love for the creativity of the artists "Zvuk-M" and the warmth that you give to their projects in the comments!

We wish you all the best and will try to continue to delight you with good songs, beautiful videos and interesting selections!