Musical publishing house "Sound-M" and singer Nana Tibilova released today a song called "For you"

Nana is a diverse singer, she performs songs in various genres, styles and in different languages. But, according to her, Georgian songs are especially suitable for her in timbre. Therefore, she decided to record one of the folk songs, but in her vision.
“I often performed this song in Georgian, so I now wanted to sing it in Russian. For new text turned to the author Ruslana Sobievawho wrote wonderful poems for me. Then, my talented friends-arrangers Azat Avetisyan and Bulat Dzukaev worked on the track. As a result, the composition turned out exactly the way I planned - incendiary and dance! ”, Says Nana.

According to Ruslana Sobieva, “For You” is a promising project that has been given a lot of energy

“We have been working on this song for a long time,” the author says, “I tried to write a soulful text that would not only convey a deep meaning, but would also help a fairly well-known composition to sparkle with completely new colors. Nana carefully worked on vocals, and in the arrangement they used live instruments, they sound very beautiful ... ”

It is already possible to listen and download the new track of Nana Tibilova in all digital stores, including iTunes, Apple Music, Google play, Yandex music and Music Beeline.