Fedos - “I spoil you”

Popular in the Caucasus and beyond, the singer Fedos at the very beginning of autumn decided to surprise his fans by releasing an album

Popular in the Caucasus and beyond at the very beginning of autumn I decided to give a surprise to my fans by releasing an album.
A magnificent clip was shot on the title track of the album, which has collected more than a quarter of a million views since its release.

10 bright and memorable tracks have a powerful positive energy, catch their own motifs and good poems. The track list includes well-known hits of the artist, as well as completely new compositions. Some of them were recorded specifically for the release of the album.

So, listeners are waiting for a hot new product - a duet with one of the brightest southern singers... With whom exactly you will be able to find out on September 2 - the day the album is released, which will be available on all the world's popular music services!