Popular Caucasian Performer Aidamir Eldarov currently working on recording a new track. A song called "Cranes Fly Away" was written specially for him Angelica Nachesova. The composition will be performed for the first time just at the solo concert of the singer, who soon will be held in Maykop.

This is not the first joint work of artists, they have been friends and collaborated for more than 20 years. During this time, Angelica wrote a lot of songs for Idamir, most of which became hits immediately after publication. Among them: “Kukunya”, “White Lilac”, as well as the duets “Without You” and “Heart, Do Not Cry”.

After such a list, it is easy to predict that the new work will become instantly popular with Eldarov fans. In addition, it will be something new, because the track is written in the style of chanson.

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“The idea of ​​this song was born in Angelica, which I was very surprised and immensely happy! I love chanson, and in this direction she wrote it especially for me. This is a composition about unrequited love. I think many will remember themselves when they hear it.

I hope that listeners will like my new song and will not be our last collaboration with Angelica. And the recording studio “RAMAZEKSTUDIO” and the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” helped us bring the idea to life,” said the singer.

The premiere of the song “Cranes Fly Away” will take place on May 19, at the solo concert of Angelica Nacheva, which will be held in Maykop.