A new song by Azamat Bishtov - "May Thunderstorm"!

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A new song by Azamat Bishtov has been released - "May Thunderstorm"

Azamat Bishtov prepares many musical surprises for his fans! Among them are several new compositions and a big solo concert in Vladikavkaz. One of the songs that will be performed live on it for the first time is "May Thunderstorm", which was released today.

Azamat Bishtov
Azamat Bishtov

“This is a beautiful, soulful composition,” Azamat says, “in my style: it resembles both Bitter Tea and the lines about“ the first days of May ”from the song“ Blue Night ”, so it fits perfectly into my repertoire. I understood this immediately when the musician and arranger Alim Appaev showed it to me. The words to the track about the beautiful month of May, about spring and love were written by Madina Kulieva-Ulbasheva.
I am waiting for everyone at a concert in Vladikavkaz on May 19, where the premiere of this composition will take place, as well as those that I have not performed anywhere and have not even released. So the new music program will include several new products at once. Come and sing them together! "

Listen and download Azamat Bishtov's song "May Thunderstorm"


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