New song by Azamat Bishtov

“My woman has happy eyes” is the name of the new song Azamat Bishtovwhich he dedicated to all his listeners. It was written by the author and composer, as well as by the charming singer Victoria Babaeva.

Azamat put a lot of warmth and emotions into the new composition and hopes that fans will feel them: “In this song I wanted to convey all the sincerity that is in me. The text contains very deep and pure words, and I want every woman who hears them to enjoy it, and for her eyes to shine with happiness!” says the singer.

Of course, in order for the music to play, the artist, while recording, did not think about a hundred women, but about his wife, Fatima Dzibova.

“My heart is overflowing with happiness. I see and respect her, and she me, and I believe that every man should respect his woman,” says Azamat.

The premiere of the new Bishtov song will take place today. One of these days it will also be available on all major music services. Stay tuned for updates and do not forget to write to us on social networks whether you liked the track.