The new hairstyle of Islam Kishev. How do artists have fun during self-isolation?


The artist launched a flash mob with a haircut: “I always dreamed of taking a typewriter and making myself a short, sporty haircut. In quarantine, dreams come true! ” The artist captured the process on video and published on his page on the social network, passing the baton to others.


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Publication by ISLAMKISHEV (@ kishev1991)

One of the first to accept the challenge was Temirkosh, who was also not afraid to update his hairstyle on his own: “This is a stupid relay race !!! And I would never have thought that I would dare to. But quarantine really drives us crazy !!! Excuse me friends! " - signed the performer under the publication of the video of his haircut.


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Publication by (@temirkosh)

So what? Both new hairstyles to the face. The popularity of flash mobs under the slogan “Sit at home” is growing rapidly, artists transfer sports, poetry, music and other relay races to each other. And this is wonderful! After all, the main thing is not to waste time and be able to pleasantly surprise your audience.