New from “Kavkaz Music”: Muayed Marshenov “Gelfefteshlazh”!

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In the new composition by Muayed Marshenov, “Gelfefteshlazh” (“Aftertaste”), written Timur Losanov, according to the performer, it is sung about the wisdom and drama of life.

Muayed Marshenov
Muayed Marshenov

“The author, knowing well my family, accurately portrayed my family history in music and in the text and, despite all the losses described, I got a song with an unquestionable happy ending.
The track tells a first-person story about a very personal story. The storyline runs through it like the drama of life. There is a lot to learn here, an example to follow for a person who has faced temporary difficulties and heavy losses. When it already seems that there is no way out of all this, suddenly a bright streak appears, with its life-giving law of balance, and all-healing goodness gives an effect that the author called “Guleflteschlezh” - aftertaste.
I want to tell my listeners: friends, no matter what difficulties happen in life, always know that there will be an aftertaste!”

Listen and download Muayed Marshenov’s song “Guleflashchelzh”


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