Artur Sargsyan. "Friends of the Groom"

Arthur Sargsyan presented the wedding song-toast "Friends of the Groom"

A new author's track by Arthur Sargsyan has been released - "Friends of the Groom"
Artur Kalyansky, AZIM. "Malvina"

The duet of Arthur Kalyansky and AZIM presented the track "Malvina"

Malvina is an avalanche girl! The song about unrequited love was released in two editions at once. Author of words and music Vyacheslav Merman
Ruslan Dzybov. "Restaurant"

Ruslan Dzybov presented the author's single "Restaurant" to fans

Philosophical song-reflection about relationships and love was presented by Ruslan Dzybov
Murat Khapsirokov. "And in the restaurant"

Murat Hapsirokov presented the song "And in the restaurant"

A new song "And in the restaurant" performed by Murat Khapsirokov has been released
Khalid Kazbiev. "She is"

Khalid Kazbiev released a new song - "She"

Khalid Kazbiev sang about the hurricane of feelings in the song "She"
Ruslan and Rasul Tkhakumashevs. "I am looking for you"

Ruslan and Rasul Tkhakumashev spoke about the female ideal in the song "I'm looking for ...

The song "I'm looking for you" was released to the words of Artur Kencheshaov and the music of Asya Sanashokova. The release of the novelty was presented by Ruslan and Rasul Tkhakumashev
RUZI CAN. "Forgive me sun"

RUZI KAN has released a new product - a video clip for the song "Forgive the Sun"

A soulful song to the words and music of Anzor Khaupa was performed by the singer RUZI KAN
Murat Baichorov. "Four Ladies"

Murat Baichorov presented the track "Four Ladies"

The premiere of the author's single-allegory "Four Ladies" by Murat Baichorov took place
Sabina Abdullaeva. "Queen of the ball"

Sabina Abdullaeva released the song "Queen of the Ball"

A new song by Sabina Abdullaeva - "Queen of the Ball" has been released. Poet and composer - Kamil Abukarov
Mariana. "Kid"

Maryana presented a new single and video clip - "Kid"

Maryana's song "Kid" was released to the words and music of Temirkosh
Nadia Mikayil. "How did it happen"

The single and video clip of Nadia Mikayil "How did it happen" is already on...

The premiere of the video clip of Nadia Mikayil for the new song "How did it happen"
Elvina. "Fool don't cry"

Elvina don't cry fool. Listen to the news

Elvina presents a new track - "Fool don't cry"