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The artist shared the details of his personal life and plans for the next year with the publishing house "Zvuk-M"

On the eve of the New Year, our correspondent met with EGOto find out about further creative plans, and ask a few questions about the artist's personal life, which worries many fans of his work.

– Edgar, glad to see you on New Year's Eve. Tell us, what was the outgoing year like for you personally?

The year was difficult not only for me, but also for most people. Tried to find a balance between family and work. There were difficulties, of course, but it's a sin to complain. Everything is like everyone else.

- Tell me, did you manage to carry out your family-related plans this year?

– This year he promised his wife to take his family to the sea, but as always he was overwhelmed with work. All I had time to do was to teach my daughter to draw blots on me, and my son to dance to my songs. Looks good, but could be better. The main thing is that the wife continues to love, the children laugh, and I write songs. (Smile)

What are the most memorable days of 2021?

- I remember the celebration of my daughter's birthday. On this day, it was as if he had returned to his childhood. Everyone, adults and children, played and laughed. The son, although small, already understands a lot, so I try not to spoil him like a daughter. I feel that a real man with character is growing in him. Together with my children I live their first emotions as if they were your own. Every day spent with them is my future memories.

- Were there any disappointments?

– Without disappointments in any way – this is life. I try to see the good in people and ignore the bad. Trying to find excuses for people who take advantage of my kindness. We all do it, and it's wrong. If a person screwed up, then our paths diverge. Therefore, I decided to stick to the rule: "Everyone gets one chance." Appreciate your time, spend it on worthy ones.

- Do you believe in the fulfillment of your wishes on New Year's Eve?

- I'm not a dreamer. I believe that our desires come true only through hard work, and not through thoughts that we send into space or Santa Claus. Women can dream, but a man must be pragmatic in order to be able to fulfill these dreams.

– Curious to know about your family New Year traditions?

- There are no special traditions. I collect the Christmas tree, and my wife decorates. The daughter and son have already left a couple of branches and one star from a beautiful Christmas tree, they could not reach it. It is important for me to raise children in such a way that magic, magic and miracles happen suddenly, and not during the holidays. In my opinion, people give too much importance to one day, forgetting about the other 364.

What's new in your creative family?

“This year I met some very talented people. Among them are musicians, sound engineers, clip makers, etc. All of them are in love with their work, this is what attracts them. We have a common desire - to create! Let's invest in the new year a maximum of love and experience in our common work.

– And of course, one of the most important questions: what are your creative plans for the new year 2022?

- From January new tracks will be released, followed by clips. A week ago, preparations began for a new tour of the cities of Russia, which will be held in March-April next year. I wrote a lot of songs, so I won't let my listener get bored. In 2021, he released 9 songs and two videos. There will be more in the coming year. I thank my listener for his love and patience, I know that many are waiting for new products - soon! I love!

- I am grateful to you for a sincere conversation. I wish you new creative success!

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