New Year's mood from Tamara Garibova!

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Popular singer and model Tamara Garibova shared photos with fans of magical beauty

The theme of the photo session is the artist together with the photographer Maria Khlebnikova @mariya_hlebnikova chose New Year's cards.

Fabulous winter shots, in which Tamara tried on the image of a village Russian girl, became a bright point in a series of creative projects of the outgoing year. Tamara spoke about the results of 2020, reincarnation and plans for the coming year in a short interview.

— In December it is customary to sum up the results. What was the past year like for you?

— In 2020 there were many new creative projects. Although for me, like for many, the year was difficult. The pandemic constantly tested the world's strength, and it made work harder. But all this is behind us and I want to believe that 2021 will bring only the best.
And Maria and I decided to spend the outgoing year with a thematic photo session.

— Tell us more about her. Why did you choose this topic?

— New Year's cards with their atmospheric winter scenes take us into a fairy tale. They give you the mood and belief in miracles, just like in childhood. You can get closer to them by trusting your imagination. Therefore, we decided to bring it into reality through the creation of different images.
For me, reincarnation is a fascinating journey inward, trying on faces and roles that reveal a person, finding something new that we are afraid or embarrassed to realize in our everyday life. Photo experiments help to “fix” a new face in your arsenal.
Hopefully this footage will inspire people.

— Are you already full of inspiration and plans for the coming year?

- Yes. I really want to make more new works, videos and songs!

“I’m sure the fans will be looking forward to them. What would you like to wish your listeners?

— I would like to wish everyone good health, happiness, take care of each other, spend more time with loved ones and family! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

— Please accept our congratulations and wishes for a fruitful, happy and bright New Year! And we present to the attention of our readers New Year's cards from Tamara Garibova.

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