New Year's concert with the participation of stars "Zvuk-M" will be held in Cherkessk

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For the first time in Cherkessk - Rustam Nakhushev @ r.nahushev, Olga Baskaeva @olgabaskaeva и Vadim Tlastankulov @tlastankulov_ with the premiere of new songs and instrumental accompaniment, as well as the show-ballet "Empire" @showimperia!

The guests of the evening are waiting for raffles of valuable prizes from Santa Claus and Snegurochka, an exquisite menu from the Royal Hall restaurant, as well as the services of a professional photographer.


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Publication by Adam Voitlev (@adam__voitlev)

Host - extravagant Adam Voitlev @adam_voitlev.

The gala concert will be held on December 30, at 19.00. Price per person 3500 rub. Read more: + 7 928 655 5546 + 7 928 026 2468

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