The new album of the popular hip-hop artist EGO - “At the helm” was released.

The list of songs includes songs that have become hits for a long time, as well as the latest tracks and the latest innovations that the hip-hop singer managed to release.


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According to EGO, the album “At the helm” is not united by one idea and this is its zest: “Each song collected in it is unique for me in its own way. There is a lot of love, passion and pain in them. Both in life and in this release - chaos of feelings! Everything is scattered, but at the same time about the most important thing ... ”, - says the singer.

“At the helm” is a kind of electronic musical diary, in which the artist, for several years, has contributed his experiences, told real stories, and shared his emotions. The album breathes, lives and listeners will immediately appreciate it. In addition, as the rapper noted, the collection even has a heart - this is the track "Knock knock."


The album is already available for download at iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.