On one of the sunny streets of the city of Taragona, the heroine of Angelica Nacheva meets the guy of her dreams ... But the local handsome man is in no hurry to open his heart to her. How this story ended, we will find out very soon ...

All this happened on the plot of the new clip of the singer

The incendiary song "Ola-Lei", for which the video was filmed, inspired director Artur Khasanov to travel to Spain. The old town with many sights and picturesque narrow streets met the film crew very friendly, but the actors hired in advance for the work - no ...

The Spaniards were non-executive and violated all agreements. Thus, the protagonist had to search again.

Found it through the Internet literally the day before departure. A professional Argentine actor named Marcelo conquered the film crew with his charm and remarkable talent.

A professional Argentine actor named Marcelo conquered the film crew with his charm and remarkable talent.
Argentine actor Marcelo conquered the film crew with his charm

When asked what was the most difficult thing in filming, the director of the Petrucho studio replies: “The Spaniards are very unusual people ... In the middle of the day, they all, without exception, go to rest, and during a siesta, none of them simply cannot be forced to do anything. ! We are lucky that Marcelo is Argentinian. I will refrain from stories about how our camera and copter were almost taken away from us at the airport, and later they were not allowed to use a flying drone in the city. We are smart people - we got out… ”.

I had to get out when shooting the scene, where in the story the main character gives flowers not to Angelica, but to the girl who should have just passed by. Only now, by the time the time came for filming this episode, not a single woman was on the street. And who do you think got a bouquet? At the initiative of Marcelo, the flowers received ... a cow! But not a living, but a colorful statue adorning one of the cozy shops nearby.

Angelica Nacheva. Shooting a new clip.
In the path of the actor was not a single passer girl. But he was not taken aback.

This idea Angelica seemed funny and in the end the scene turned out quite bright.

Who poured a bucket of water on the head Narosova?

Talking about the shooting, Angelica Nacheva recalled the incident that shocked her: “At the very end of the video of the main character, a local boy drenches water from a fountain, and I laugh at them. In retaliation, they should have poured a bucket of water on me while I was standing under the balcony. It was necessary to remove it from one take. So, we so long begged one woman to do this, that while I was getting ready to play in amazement and indignation, she gave up and threw cold water on me with such anger! ... That shock on my face turned out to be quite sincere ... "

We are waiting for the new clip of Angelica at the end of July

A lot of surprises prepared us the authors of the new video. They even promise to show the double of Antonio Banderos! The teaser is coming out very soon, and the premiere of the promising video is scheduled for the end of July. But now there is no doubt that Ola Lei will become one of the brightest summer hits!