Video clip Sultan Laguchev "War Between Us" received over 700000 views in three days

The new clip of Sultan Laguchev is already in YouTube trends

On May 28, 2021, a new single by Sultan Laguchev was released @sultan_laguch "War Between Us" and a video for this song. In a few days, the new product has achieved significant success! So, the people's love for the work of a popular artist contributed to the fact that the track immediately hit the VKontakte Top Chart and, being in the top hundred, is purposefully moving up. Now the composition is on the 42nd line.

The audience liked the video of the artist no less - the video immediately flew into YouTube trends, and in three days it gained more than 700000 views.

"Thank you very much for your support! I love you so much! But we do not stop there, our team is preparing new hits for you, ”Sultan Laguchev addressed the subscribers in the social network.