New project of Angelica Akhmedova and Ruslana Sobieva

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Singer Angelika Akhmedova preparing to release a new track called "Half". Wrote a song Ruslana Sobieva, with which they are already working on the fourth joint project.

“As soon as she created this track, she immediately offered it to me, saying that this song suits me better. Of course, I want to dedicate it to my soul mate, and in the person of my beloved man - to other lovers. Because this song is about how the two halves are connected to each other, and a wonderful feeling arises - love that will save the world! A girl cannot look at her man, she enjoys this feeling, cherishes it, ”says Angelica.

At the moment, the track is in the process of mixing, his singer decided to do in Kiev. A well-known jazz musician Manuk Ghazaryan arranged the song in Moscow. So, the new project promises to be bright and "tasty."

The exit is conditionally scheduled for spring, stay tuned and do not miss!

Angelica herself is now in Bangladesh, at the festival “Wind of Change” by But we will tell about it in more detail later ...

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