Despite the fact that the premiere of the single took place only today, the song "Taucha Bircha" has long been a favorite at Balkar weddings. Bright and cheerful, she talks about the traditions of the Balkar wedding, energizes the listeners and sets them up for a festive mood. We asked Nata Sozaeva @natu_sozaeva tell more about the history of this composition.

Nata Sozaeva
Nata Sozaeva

“I can say that the song appeared suddenly. I have always been engaged in creativity, it was more my inner hobby. Somehow I wanted to record my own song and called Anzor Haup. We met and had a long conversation with Anzor Dzhabrailovich. He asked one question: “Tell me, what phrase does every Balkarian know, but does not it sound in any song?”. Frankly, I thought and did not immediately remember, then Anzor prompted and said “Taucha! Bircha! ”, Which literally translates as“ Balkarian! Together! ”, But the meaning is like“ Together! Friendly! " At that time there were no words to the song, no melodies, but I completely trusted the authors and immediately agreed, something from above suggested that everything was correct, Nata shares, - the wedding song, about our Caucasian customs and with spiritual wishes and appeal for the holiday, so that together rejoice in the emergence of a new family. ”
We suggest you to listen and download the song “Taucha Bircha” by Nata Sozaeva right now!

Listen and download the song Nata Sozayeva "Taucha Bircha"

The text of the song Nata Sozayeva "Taucha Bircha"

Quuanch Kirgandi Yyubuse
Bygun Kelin Kelgndi Bizze
Ariu Algishla Aita
Toynu bardyrady toastmaster

Taucha! Bircha! Tepseik!
That etedytimekliklik
Piles of bursunla
Muratlaryda Tolsunla

Zhushu Tulle Tepsaydy, Oinaida
Sabiyda, ullu da anga karaydy
Kelinni ayagy ogurlu bolsun
Kuuangchibyz kekge sozulsun

Taucha! Bircha! Tepseik!
That etedytimekliklik
Piles of bursunla
Muratlaryda Tolsunl

Kyzychkyla kelini tegereginde
Kieuda Cachlana Birgeleride
Zhangy yyyur kurayyk
Nasyplaryna kuuayayyk

Taucha! Bircha! Tepseik!
That etedytimekliklik
Piles of bursunla
Muratlaryda Tolsunl

Happiness has come to our house
The bride came to us
Talking beautiful wishes
Wedding leads toastmaster

Together! Together! Let's Dance!
Wedding thanks to love
May they be happy together
And dreams will come true

Young people dancing, playing
Children and adults are watching this.
Let the bride be prosperous
Let happiness stretch to the heavens


Girls around the bride
The groom next to the guys
Create a new family
We will rejoice in their happiness


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