New release from “Kavkaz Music” label: Rezuan Maremukov's album “Ueredu siIer ersh”

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Album premiere: Karen TUZ and Arkady Dumikyan - "Love this"

Karen TUZ and Arkady Dumikyan presented a new musical album "Love this". The composition of the collection: "Take into your captivity", "About you my thoughts", "Decide for yourself", "Orphan", "Love this.

"Two stars" - a bright novelty from Ruslan Hasanov and Albina Kazakmurzaeva has come out!

A new song of the popular duet was released: Ruslan Hasanov and Albina Kazakmurzaeva presented the song "Two Stars". Composer Marat Gadzhimurzaev, poet Svetlana Hasanova.

Tina Korn: "It is worth living today!"

“Everything is so strange, we scattered across the countries ... What about the goals? We dreamed, we wanted ... "Tina Korn presented a new song -" Now and Here "

Vlad Kornilov's new single "Dove" has been released!

The premiere of Vlad Kornilov's new song "Dove" took place. The author of words and music is Pavel Faster.

Reisan Magomedkerimov "Bombita" - premiere of a single and a video!

Reisan Magomedkerimov's video clip for the song "Bombita" has been released. Director Chingiz Taibov, words and music by Reisan Magomedkerimov.

Manvel Pashayan "Caught the Silence" - new video!

In the whole world, you are the only one! I met you, and you are my destiny! Famous Caucasian singer Manvel Pashayan presented his new song and video clip - "I Caught Silence"

Rezuan Maremukov's album in Kabardian released

To album Rezuana Maremukova “Weredu siIer Wersht” (“You are my song”) included 6 compositions in Kabardian, which are interconnected by the rich sense of verses and melodic harmony based on the play of folk and jazz instruments.

Rezuan Maremukov
Rezuan Maremukov

“The composition“ Wedding ”was the first to be created, without which no Adyghe wedding took place,” the performer comments, “the words are folk, my music, and we recorded it for half a year, because I put in it not only my soul, but my heart ! And with some instruments I play myself. I am very pleased that this song has been listened to and sung for the second decade.
Muradin Dumanov wrote the words and music for the compositions “Ar Urarat” and “Guhel 1ef” and, in my opinion, they turned out to be quite original, as the author and composer himself wanted.
I played the song “GukekIzh” and always hummed with my friends on the guitar, then I really wanted to create an arrangement for it. It turned out, in my opinion, a more pop-jazz style, which I also like, because I played in a rock band for several years, and you won’t get anywhere with skills and hearing. It is very pleasant that the first performers of this song adopted the new version objectively and subtly. Because initially the style was softer and more folk. Listeners will surely enjoy such a transition of the genres of one composition.
Well, the songs “Well-fed shchygyue sykepeps1enu” and “Weredu sieryer ersht” were first performed by the People's Artist of the KBR and KCR Khusen Maremukov, and I heard them on the radio as a child. I liked them so much that I had a dream to fulfill them someday myself. Dreams come true, the main thing is to believe in their fulfillment and realize it correctly. Enjoy everyone! ”

Listen and download the Rezuan Maremukov album “Weredu siIer Warshch”

Official Instagram of Rezuan Maremukov

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