Meet the new track Isolds in Circassian - “Adyghe Potpourri”

“From childhood I was fond of musical creativity, and especially my attention was attracted by national music, songs and dances. The older I get, the more I understand that they are all very close to everyone. I decided to record a potpourri in order to perform popular Kabardian dance songs at events, so that people would sing along and dance. This format makes it possible to combine several compositions into one, and it is very convenient at celebrations when it is possible to dance several pairs. And this lyrical composition is just right - it is light and danceable.
The potpourri included both folk and original songs and melodies. Thus, each of us will preserve the valuable customs, traditions, laws of the Kabardian and generally Caucasian people, ”says the singer.

Listen and download Isolde’s song “Adyghe Potpourri”

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