New release from “Kavkaz Music” label: Mussa Aybazov “Anala”!

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“Anal” (“Mothers”) - this is the name of the new song Mousses of Aybazov @mussa__aybazov in the Karachai language, which premiered today.

Mussa Aybazov
Mussa Aybazov

“I wanted to perform a composition about mothers for a long time, but I couldn’t find any suitable words and music that penetrated my heart. But once such a track was born. As I remember today that evening: there was active preparation for my first solo concert in Cherkessk. Boris Erkenov called and called to his place, and upon arrival this song, which he wrote especially for me, was waiting for me. From the first notes, the composition captured me, and I decided to perform it at a concert for all the mothers present.
The main idea of ​​the song is that those who have a mother should appreciate and love her more, because they are our only ones and cannot be replaced by anyone. Wherever you are, whatever you do, do not forget those who were with you from the very first days, did not sleep at night, did everything for your well-being. Don’t forget mothers, they are our life!” - says Moussa.

Listen to the song "Anal" on our website.

Listen and download Mussa Aybazov’s song “Anal”


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