“I’m lonely without you” - new from Azamat Pheshkhov

Premieres"I am lonely without you" - a novelty from Azamat Pheshkhov

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The artist presented a new song and video

In the repertoire Azamat Pheskhova new - the artist presented the song "Lonely Without You". I wrote the words to the track Aslan Borsov, music - the performer himself.

Azamat Pheskhov
Azamat Pheskhov

Despite the fact that the composition is about loneliness, Azamat chose to make the melody more rhythmic, so that listeners could be sad while listening to the song and dance, if desired: “Everyone will find something of their own in it,” says the singer.

Simultaneously with the single, a video of the same name was released, in which the hero of the composition finds himself alone with an empty city and with his thoughts.

“I’ll tell you a secret: initially the picture was intended to be more dynamic,” says Azamat, “but when the Octava team and I arrived for filming in Stavropol, something went wrong: I was supposed to film on a motorcycle, but it never started. . In addition, we found ourselves in terribly foggy weather. At first it was decided to postpone everything, but then I changed my mind: I didn’t want to postpone the premiere of the song. So we did our best to navigate those circumstances. The fog even added charm to the shots where the main character wanders alone... So, I hope our efforts were not in vain, and the video will convey our idea. Watch with pleasure, write about your impressions, tell us how you like the new track and stay with us, because there is still a lot of interesting things to come!”

Listen and download Azamat Pheshkhov's song "I am lonely without you"


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