Meetings with artists of the publishing house in the company “Zvuk-M” continue in working order.

The management and expert music council of Zvuk-M LLC continue to work on selecting tracks for rotation on Radio "Caucasus Hit" and sales in digital distribution stores and with digital streaming leaders.

This time, popular performers Manvel Pashayan and Ernest Nersesyan arrived at the office to sign contracts for new songs. The company has been collaborating with Pashayan for a year now, during which time two singles have been released: “Fashionista” and “My Jana”. An album called “Long-awaited” is currently in the works, which will include 10 to 15 tracks.

The company has been cooperating with Manvel Pashayan for a year.
The company has been cooperating with Manvel Pashayan for a year. In the photo: Anton Maluneev, Manvel Pashayan.

The first contract was signed with Ernest Nersesyan that day. He gave four songs to "Zvuk-M". Both sides hope for further fruitful cooperation, and according to the expert council of the publishing house, there is every reason for this.

After the transfer of the tracks and the signing of the relevant documents, a conversation took place, where the singers were presented with an updated concept of cooperation, which they were very pleased with.

Musical publishing house “Zvuk-M” is constantly developing and expanding opportunities to promote artists. As the statistics show, the results of work on new schemes are very successful, and the demand for the company's products is steadily growing.

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