"Boys" - a novelty from Dmitry Yurkov

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The premiere of the single Dmitry Yurkova "Boys"

Dmitry Yurkov
Dmitry Yurkov

About the composition, the author and performer says this:

“On the one hand, this is nostalgia for a time where everything was real, without “online”. Where the boys wanted to be astronauts, not bloggers. On the other hand, there are dreams that it is never too late to “be”, and not “appear”. I often say to young people: “It’s not you who are so adults, it’s us who are so young ...”.

You can already get acquainted with the song "Boys" on streaming services here:


Lyrics of Dmitry Yurkov's song "Boys"

Guys, let there be no more on earth
The country where we fled into the dawn
The country where the father's heart beats
Well, we are true to ourselves to the end
Boys, we were cold to sleep
Guys, and it's impossible to get tired
From the spring, where the temples are not visible
Gray ... and we are drunk without wine, old man

Brothers, it's time to get together
In the house of their fathers
Brothers, it's time to hug
And look in the face
The truth that brought back the light
Songs of bygone years
And those who always go

Boys, let's drink for us
And for those who look to the sky now
Nonsense, we all must confess
Lord, we are forever boys of that country

Guys, let there be no more on earth
The country where we fled into the dawn
We will carry this light through the years
We will never forget these years
Boys... Boys... Boys...

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