Patimat Abdulbasirova presented a poignant video for the song "We Stretch"

ArtistsPatimat Abdulbasirova presented a poignant video for the song "We Stretch"

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The video clip “Reaching” by Patimat Abdulbasirova to the words and music of Zumrud Musieva has been released

Filled with projections of personal experiences, the video clip for the song “Reaching” takes the listener into the world of unusually vivid emotions of a woman’s heart. The traditionally extraordinary poems and music of Zumrud Musieva, this time again, received a capable performer who was able to convey to the world the whole range of experiences and emotions inherent in the work by its author.

The video clip was filmed in August 2022 in the village of Pionerny, Kazbekovsky district of the Republic of Dagestan, by the NCN Production production center.

Patimat Abdulbasirova
Patimat Abdulbasirova

“It’s not uncommon for stories when life or some circumstances force people to separate. But you can’t order your heart - and we continue to reach out to each other, experiencing pain, sadness and suffering of the soul. This is human nature and love. The song “Reaching” was written by the wonderful author Zumrud Musieva - I was familiar with her work before - and I was lucky enough to perform this original composition. I have already succeeded as a mother of three children and am grateful to the Almighty for everything, but as an artist, of course, I wanted to take a place in the hearts of my viewers in the future. I hope, my dear listeners, that you will grow with me and enjoy my creativity! With great respect and love to you!”

Listen and download Patimat Abdulbasirova's song "We Stretch"


Lyrics of the song Patimat Abdulbasirova "We Stretch"

As usual, tears from rough, sharp
As usual, it hurts, there is no one to share with
As always, I know that you and I are sorry.

As usual, I'm waiting by the phone
I'm waiting for you to write
write again
Well, tell me why so, why so difficult.

No matter how much they try to leave
We're pulling, we're pulling!!
How many b
Didn't try to soul to shreds
Let's go, let's go!!! (2 times)

Your slightly hoarse caresses the mind
Why have we cooled down to feelings?
Why desiring go against fate
I didn't try to see any
What you wanted and what you needed
But it wasn't easy for me to succeed
I tried to!!!

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